Lora Water Meter

Lora wireless remote water meter adopts advanced wireless transmission technology,Automatic water meter reading and automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter.


Our LoRa water meter's wireless module uses Lora modulation technology to transmit and receive data through wireless. It is a wireless remote transmission module with small volume, low power consumption, strong performance and long transmission distance.and has the characteristics of anti-jamming and high reliability; it greatly surpasses the existing GFSK modulation module in stability, anti-jamming ability and receiving sensitivity.SHENGDA water meter CO.,LTD not only produce the LoRa water meter,but also offer total solution for you.

Supply Conditions:

    • Supply Size:DN15~DN200
    • Basis meter type:Multi-jet /Ultrasonic water meter
    • Body Material: Brass/Iron(optional)
    • R: 80/100/250/400(optional)
    • Max.work pressure: 1.0MPa
    • Protection class:IP68
    • Battery capacity: more than 8 years
    • Pressure loss: ≤ 0.063mpa
    • Working frequency band: 470-510mhz 868-915mhz(custom made)
    • Software payment: Free
    • Composition: Lora water meter, Concentrator, Serve Platform


    • 1.Realize remote wireless wake-up and real-time response to PC processing instructions.
    • 2.It can realize a variety of sampling methods, such as pulse, photoelectric, ultrasonic and so on.
    • 3.Anti external electric and magnetic attack.
    • 4.Automatic remote switch on and off according to prepayment and post payment.
    • 5.Low voltage automatically closes the valve for data protection
    • 6.Automatic data storage when the power is off.
    • 7.Long range wireless data transmission(4-5KM)


Qm=Minimum flow,Qt=Transitional flow,Qp=Permanent flow,Qs=Overload flow,R=Qp/Qm
DN(mm) Qp/Qm Qs Qp Qt Qm Starting flow Mini reading Max reading
M3/h L/h M3
15 100 3.125 2.5 40 25 6 0.0001 9999
20 100 5 4 64 40 6 0.0001 9999
25 100 7.875 6.3 100.8 63 6 0.0001 9999


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