Smart IC card water meter

Single Jet Card Water Meter

The prepayment IC card water meter has the function of automatic water charge collection. This water meter is one water meter and one card for each household.


As the base meter, the single jet water meter can be used in the environment with better water quality and is of high quality.The prepayment IC card water meter has the function of automatic water charge collection. This water meter is one meter and one card for each household. The user hands over the water charge to the management department.

Performance characteristics

1.Prepayment function: users buy water first and then use it. In case of arrears.

2.Display synchronization function: LCD display and mechanical part display synchronization.

3.Prompt alarm function: battery under voltage, insufficient water, strong magnetic interference and other fault information, alarm will be prompted.

4.Data upload function: every time users buy water, they will bring the relevant information back to the management system.

5.Valve self maintenance function: the valve rotates regularly to remove the scale in time to ensure the flexibility of the valve.

6.Anti water hoarding function: the software can flexibly set the lower limit of recharge to prevent users from hoarding water.

7.Anti dripping function: cooperate with anti dripping water base meter to realize anti dripping function.

8.Blacklist query: users who do not come to buy water for a long time can be listed in the blacklist to supervise the water use of users.

9.Convenient battery replacement: specially designed battery replacement cover , which is particularly convenient for battery replacement.

10."Soaking in water" function: the product adopts the overall sealing waterproof process, so it can work long-term soaking in water.

Multiple applications

  • For residents in residential areas;Properties for sale;Shopping mall;Schools, restaurants, etc.


Ambient temperature  5℃~55℃
Ambient moisture  (0~93)%RH
Water temperature  cold water meter 1℃~40℃
Water pressure  0.03MPa~1MPa (short time work 1.6MPa not leak, no damage)
Pressure loss  ≤0.063MPa
work power  3.0V~3.6V
Static operating current  ≤5μA
LCD display range 00000.0~99999.9
Climate and mechanical environment Grade B
Electromagnetic environment  Class E1 level


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