Woltman type water meter

2021-03-06 14:10:38

Shengda Woltman Meter features unique sliding impeller bearings that ensure a substantially longer lifetime than comparable meters. The Woltmann water Meter has a wide measuring range and  features advanced methods and technologies making it an ideal solution for bulk metering applications.


Bearings  and  materials  used  in  the  Woltman  have  proven  durability  far  beyond  the  ISO  standard  requirement,  allowing  it  to  function  in  extreme  conditions  where  other  meters  fail  to  maintain  a  sufficient  level  of  accuracy.  The  unique  measuring  unit  has  only  one  moving  element,  the  impeller, which is in contact with the water. The other moving components, including  the  worm  and  transmission gears  are  kept  in  a  hermetically  sealed, dry container. The meter complies with OIML R49 EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2005 standards.


The  Woltman  Meter  is  intended  for  use  in  water  supply  networks,  and  agricultural  and  industrial  applications.  The  water  meter  may  be  installed  in any position. For non-horizontal positions the flow shall be upwards. The meter shall be full of water while operating. Prior to installation of a meter, the pipeline shall be thoroughly flushed. Straight pipe sections of the same diameter ‘D’ as the meter, having lengths of ‘5D’ and ‘3D’ shall be installed upstream and downstream of the meter respectively.

Features and Benefits

• The Woltman has a wide measuring rate that enables it to serve inbroader applications and in extreme situations (low flows and high flows)

• No sensitivity to working conditions such as vibration

• No sensitivity to humid conditions• Resistance – Bearings and materials used in the Woltman have  proven long life expectancy

• Compatibility – The Woltman is also available with a reed switch  sensor installed in a sealed transparent plastic cover that can be  mounted on the register.

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