Modular Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Fluid temperature:-30°c-160°c.
Pipe size:DN15~DN6000mm.
Pipe materials:Steel, stainless steel, copper, PVC, aluminium, glass steel, etc.
Application:Water, sea water, sewage, alcohol, a variety of oil and other can conduct ultrasonic single, uniform, stable liquid.

Main Features:

  • 1.High accuracy:Linearity:better than 0.5%, Repeatability: better than 0.2%, Accuracy: better than ±1%
  • 2.Wide measuring range:Several types transducer for selection, pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm
  • 3.Far transmission distance:Connecting module and secondary meter through RS-485 interface, transmission distance up to 1000m
  • Automatic memory the cumulative flow of 512 days before, 128 months before, 10 years before.
  • 5.Other Features:Particularly low cost, small size, high performance, local display, make it the ideal choice for industrial automation, processing control, flow meter networking, composing multi-channel, high accuracy flow meter.

Types of Flow transducers

Flow transducer Model measuring range Temperature
Clamp on TS-2(small) DN25-DN100 -30°C~90°C
TM-1(medium) DN50-DN700
TL-1(large) DN300-DN6000
High temp Clamp on TS-2-HT(small) DN25-DN100 -30°C~160°C
TM-1-HT(medium) DN50-DN700
TL-1-HT(large) DN300-DN6000
Insertion TC-1(standard) DN50-DN6000 -30°C~160°C
TP-1(parallel) DN80-DN6000
Inline standard DN15-DN1000 -30°C~160°C

Measuring Diagrams

Module type


Accuracy ≤±1%
Working power supply 220VAC / 8 ~ 36VDC
Velocity range (0-12) m / S (velocity resolution 0.001 M / s)
Signal output 1 way 4-20mA output
1 way OCT pulse output
1 way Relay output
Signal input 3 way 4-20mA input, achieve to heat measurement by connecting PT100 platinum resistor.
Communication protocol RS-485,Modbus protocol, M-BUS protocol
Protection grade Sensor IP68, F4 host IP68, other hosts IP65
Explosion proof grade Exd Ⅱ BT4 (tds-100f2)


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