Lithium Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Lithium Battery Powered electromagnetic flowmeter is specially designed for water resources and water industry, and is widely used in on-site places without power supply, such as urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy engineering, water administration, water resources and other industries.


    • 1. Wireless communication mode support GPRS/4G/NB-IOT/LORA.(Optional)
    • 2.The flow and pressure signals can be measured at the same time.(Optional)
    • 3.Support web, mobile app query data, remote configuration parameters, firmware update, etc.
    • 4. All digital signal processing, stable measurement, high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.
    • 5.Automatic two-way flow measurement, on-site instantaneous flow, positive and negative cumulative total display.
    • 6.Fluid air traffic control detection and alarm, excitation current detection and alarm, battery capacity detection and alarm.
    • 7.GSM data wireless remote transmission.
    • 8.Display mode:LCD large screen, display instantaneous flow, flow rate, positive / negative cumulative total and alarm.



Size: DN15-DN800
Accuracy ± 0.5%, ± 0.2%
Measuring range 0.05m/S~15m/S
Measuring medium (conductivity) >20μs/cm
Medium temperature -10℃~160℃
Ambient temperature -10℃~60℃
Ambient humidity ≤ 95%
Protection grade IP65, IP67, IP68
Power supply mode 3.6V built-in lithium battery, continuous work 5-10years
Output signal Pulse output 0.0001-10m3/p
Communication mode RS-485,GSM/GPRS
Electrode 316L, HASTELLOY B,HASTELLOY C,Titanium,Tantalum, Platinum/iridium Alloy,etc
Liner Rubber, PTFE, PFA, F46, Polyurethane,etc


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