Plug in Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The plug-in electromagnetic flow meter to measure the volume flow of various conductive liquids in the pipeline. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other industrial departments and agricultural irrigation water measurement.

Product advantages

  • Compared with the tubular electromagnetic flowmeter, the advantages of plug-in flowmeter are as follows
  • 1. No need to cut off the water and cut off the pipeline, and install it directly on the old pipeline;
  • 2. Easy to disassemble during maintenance;
  • 3. The instrument has simple structure and high reliability;
  • 4. It is especially suitable for large diameter pipeline with high cost performance ratio;
  • 5. The accuracy is lower than that of flange type, which is mostly used for process control rather than measurement;


Model One body Split body
Pipe size DN100~DN3000
Accuracy class ±1.5%
Flow Range 0.5m/s~15m/s
Electrode material SS316L,Hastelloy B,Hastelloy C,ect
Measuring tube material Polyurethane,ABS
Flange material Stainless steel
Working pressure 1.6MPa
 Medium temperature (℃) -20~+80℃ -20~+120℃
Conductivity of medium more than 5μS/cm
Output signal 0mA~10mA,4mA~20mA,0Hz~5KHz
Communication mode RS485(RS232,MODBUS,HART,PROFIBUS-DP)
Protection grade IP65/IP68 (optional)
Sensing element cable Null <30m (any more should contact us )
Alarm Upper limit Alarm/lower limit Alarm
Alarm Empty pipe Alarm


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