Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor

Connection type with sensor

Integral: Round housing, the housing is directly connected to the sensor flange.
Split type: The converter is connected via a cable to the junction box of the sensor.

Basic functions

Excitation mode: rectangular wave excitation

Excitation frequency: 25HZ; 12.5HZ, 6.25HZ, 3.125HZ

Excitation current can be selected as 125mA, 160mA, 250mA

Air tube measurement function, continuous measurement, fixed value alarm;

Flow rate measurement range: 0.01 --- 15 m / s, flow rate resolution: 0.5 mm / sec;

AC high frequency switching power supply, voltage range: 85VAC --- 265VAC;

DC 24V switching power supply, voltage applicable range: 16VDC --- 36VDC;

Communication function: RS485 (MODBUS), HART;

Chinese, English, Russian, LCD display, (other languages can be customized);

There are three total totalizers in the internal, which can be recorded separately: positive total, reverse total, and net total.

With lightning protection design circuit. Efficient anti-jamming circuit for a variety of harsh environments.

Normal working conditions

  • Ambient temperature: –20~+65°C;
  • Relative humidity: 5% ~ 90%;
  • Power supply: single-phase AC 85 ~ 265V, 45 ~ 63Hz;
  • Dissipated power: less than 10W (after connecting the sensor).


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